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As a gay man I do not understand transgender.







And I’d rather not learn. 

It’s not something someone needs to explain. 

It happens…

But I still don’t get it.

And I can almost guarantee that I for one will not be a supporter for “Trans Rights” 

What the fuck is special about you? 

 Dear op FUCK YOU




Perhaps you don’t understand. 

Perhaps you don’t want to learn to.

But you know what? 

In some cultures, you’d be considered a woman for being attracted to men, and openly admitting it. So.

Do a little fucking research, and drop the ‘holier-then-thou’ attitude, and perhaps we won’t be so inclined to disagree with  you.

"What the fuck is special about you?" "I for one will not be a supporter for “Trans Rights”"

As a gay, transgender male, I care about ‘gay rights’ and I really don’t have to.  Technically, I can get gay married because on a chromosomal level I am a female.  And that’s all the goverment cares about.  

And going even deeper, I don’t care for marriage in general.  I do not agree with it.  But I’ll defend the shit out of your right to have it! 

As everyone else has said.  Fuck off, OP.

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    It’s always great when you see opposition from people who are usually on the same side.
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    dandy if you’re gay....that doesn’t give you carte blanche
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    Dear OP Dude… That’s like me saying “As a Bisexual girl I don’t really care about the rights of gay men” What’s so...
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    “What the fuck is special about you?” “I for one will not be a supporter for “Trans Rights”” As a gay, transgender male,...
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    Perhaps you don’t understand. Perhaps you don’t want to learn to. But you know what? In some cultures, you’d be...
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    *sigh* -____- Sometimes, I just feel so disheartened at the human race. I don’t know if this is troll or not, but I’ve...
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    It’s always more painful for me when people who experience oppression do it to others.
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    what the fuck, op?
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